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family.jpgWe know that you are busy with the day to day happenings in your life.  We also appreciate that the more efficient and cost effective you can make your home the more money you have to spend on other luxuries.  All this means that you need to be able to trust the heating oil supplier you chose to keep your home warm through our harsh winter season.

At Meridian Fuels we are committed to developing client loyalty and to bringing clients peace of mind by providing fuel solutions and quality products which respect the environment.

Heating oil is a clean, efficient and cost-effective way to heat a home.

Oil heat is part of the "distillate fuel oil" product family, which includes heating oils and diesel fuel. It boils in the range of 150°C to 400°C and is intended for use in most atomizing-type burner applications.  This type of fuel oil is used in most domestic burners (furnaces and boilers) to heat our homes.


  • Furnace oil is non-explosive, unlike Natural Gas.
  • The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is next to nil!


  • Oil Heat is Warmer!  Inside your oil furnace the core temperature of the flame burns at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly 400 degrees hotter than the flame of a gas furnace.  So you burn less to create the same amount of heat.
  • With oil heat, when you buy a litre of oil, you buy a litre of oil.  No delivery costs, monthly customer fees or additional costs of delivery.

Environmentally Safe

  • Residential oil burner particulate emissions at near-zero levels.
  • With the new regulations on oil tanks, spills and leaky tanks are a thing of the past.

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