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Welcome to Meridian Fuels! 

Meridian Fuels is proud to be a Canadian owned independent company.  We sell and  distribute quality bulk and drummed Petroleum Products from our new “state of the art” bulk facility in Cochrane, Ontario.  We also sell and distribute Superior Lubricants to Cochrane, Ontario and the surrounding area.  We are committed to developing client loyalty and to bringing clients peace of mind by providing fuel solutions and quality products which respect the environment. 

To fulfill this important commitment, we have taken great pride in putting together a young team of dedicated professionals.  Much of our company’s quick growth and success is attributed to this diverse and energetic team.  The safety of the people who handle and use our fuels and lubricants is a top priority of Meridian Fuels. 

To maintain a leading position in the region and to continue the tradition which Meridian Fuels was founded upon, we have developed this mission: 

  • Effectively serve customers with courtesy, honesty and professionalism in a timely manner;
  • Offer quality products at competitive prices;
  • Respect the customers, suppliers, employees and competitors;
  • Respecting the environment.

We put our environmental principles into practice in all we do...

Meridian Fuels is constantly working to:

  • reduce our ecological footprint;
  • conduct its operations according to sound environmental stewardship and conservation practices;
  • prevent any health and safety risk to the community attributable to our operations or products;
  • ensure our operations respect client requirements, specific performance standards, government legislation, company policy and industry standards;
  • ensure all employees and contractors working for the company know its requirements regarding quality control and environmental management and are trained and authorized to meet them;
  • continually improve its practices and periodically review its performance.

We would be honoured to count you among our clients, and we would like to thank our existing clients for their loyalty and trust.  Contact us today for more information on our services and how we can serve your needs.  We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our products and services.

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